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Precision machined parts can be used in a wide range of fields


In China's precision machinery processing, precision machinery processing in what field is applied? Precision machining has high precision and high production cost. It is key to be used in national defense security, medical equipment, aerospace, electronic device production and manufacturing in the field of civil defense. Along with the development trend of industrial layout promotion and update, the demand for machinery parts processing is also constantly increasing. Therefore, suffered from great attention; Therefore, in this respect, money has invested a large amount of human resources, human material resources and money to cultivate talent in the development trend of high precision machine parts processing in our country.

Precision machining is the production of machining precision to 1μm machining manufacturing method, precision machining is in a special strict natural environment, specific process procedures, the application of precision machine tools and high precision measuring instruments and gauges to complete. In recent years, vehicle, die bei parts, metal laser cutting processing most choose to manufacture CNC machine tools as the core shape, to carry out the production processing, also most choose CNC machining centers, CNC metal processing machine equipment such as CNC lathe, rapid, high precision milling processing on review agenda. No matter which field of hole production and processing, the completion of high precision and high speed is the key price competition to obtain customer order information.


Precision machinery manufacturing includes metal products industry, specialized equipment manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, railway lines, ships, aerospace and other road transport machinery and equipment manufacturing, electrical equipment and instruments manufacturing, electronic computers, communications and other electronic products manufacturing, instrument equipment manufacturing, and so on. Precision machining technology has become the basic of the new technology and technology field at the present stage, and improving the precision of precision machining has become an urgent problem at the present stage.

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