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Common faults and treatment of CNC lathe are briefly analyzed


Simple numerical control lathe is also called economic numerical control lathe, is developed on the basis of the common lathe, its automatic control system is mainly composed of single chip microcomputer, through the control program, control machine tool longitudinal and transverse feed device and tool change device, automatic completion of parts processing. Therefore, the simple numerical control lathe is still electromechanical integration equipment, so in the failure of the machine also from the mechanical structure and electrical control of the two aspects of comprehensive analysis.

1. The stepper motor jitter does not turn after the program runs

2, the program running workbench suddenly stopped

3, high speed stepper motor lost step

4. The tool does not return to zero at the end of the program

5. Offside when the tool returns to zero

6, processed workpiece size error is very large

7, the workpiece local size error is large

8. The electric tool rest cannot be positioned and rotated more than once when changing the tool

9. The program returns to the monitoring state and stops working during execution

10. Processing procedures are often lost

In short, the simple numerical control lathe is composed of mechanical and electrical two parts, after the failure to analyze from the mechanical and electrical two aspects, determine the mechanical failure or electrical failure, and then in-depth analysis to find out the fault point.

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