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Why does turning slender shaft appear bending in precision parts processing?


In the field of precision parts processing turning slender shaft, because the rigidity of the body itself is poor, if the center frame, heel tool rest and other auxiliary tools are not adjusted properly, the geometric shape, surface quality will not meet the requirements, resulting in bending.

Workpiece specific diameter is large, poor rigidity; The thermal deformation, elongation and cutting stress of workpiece are generated by radial cutting force and centrifugal force in turning. The blank material itself is deformed rod and many other reasons, will cause the workpiece bending.

The solution is to use the center frame, with the tool rest, increase the rigidity of the workpiece; Reasonable choice of tool geometric Angle (mainly large front Angle, large main deflection Angle), reduce the radial cutting force, reduce cutting heat generation; The use of spring tip, reduce the adverse effect of the workpiece line expansion, fully pouring cutting fluid, reduce friction and quickly take away the generated heat, the blank or workpiece necessary heat treatment.

In the process of precision parts processing, if the blank material itself or the processing of bending, should be straightened in time before continuing to turn. Specific can be selected according to the needs of hot forging straightening, cold pressing correction, counterattack correction, counterattack straightening, pry straightening, simple tool straightening, quenching straightening, anti-torsion groove straightening and other appropriate methods.

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