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CNC lathe processing principle and process characteristics


CNC lathe processing of automatic control system can normally in accordance with the digital process flow console commands to adjust the numerical control lathe spindle bearings automatic start-stop, reversing and speed control, intelligent control feeding rate, direction and production and processing lines, to carry on the production and processing, can determine the numerical control cutting tools and according to the numerical control cutting tool specifications adjust the turning and walking trajectory, It can carry out all kinds of auxiliary actions necessary for production and processing.

(a) when choosing the numerical control lathe processing parts, only must be parts graphics and process parameters, production and processing steps, in the form of digital information, such as forming procedure code input to the numerical control lathe processing and automatic control system, and then after processing by the console command signal to drive servo mechanism, adjusting the CNC lathe parts coordinated action, To produce and process parts automatically.

(two) when replacing the CNC lathe processing object, only must write the program code again, input to the CNC lathe, can be replaced by the CNC machining center device of the human brain and hands of the vast majority of the role, adjust the whole process of production and processing, the production of any intricate parts

(three) when we choose CNC lathe processing parts, usually have to adjust a variety of CNC lathe action, one is to adjust the order of action, the second is to adjust the displacement of the CNC lathe processing of moving parts. When the ordinary lathe is used for processing, the actual operations such as starting, parking, going tool, reversing, spindle bearing speed regulation and switching cutting fluid are all directly regulated by manual. When automatic numerical control lathes are used for processing and copying numerical control lathes are used for production and processing, the actual operation and motion parameters mentioned above are adjusted in the form of simulated quantities by designed devices such as CAM, die and block. Although they can produce and process more complex parts, they have certain coordination ability and versatility. However, the production and machining accuracy of parts is affected by CAM and mould manufacturing accuracy, and the process preparation time is also very long.

CNC lathe processing technology:

1, CNC lathe processing is easy to ensure the accuracy of each production surface of the workpiece; During production and processing, the workpiece rotates around a fixed axis, and each surface layer has the same axis of rotation, so it is convenient to ensure the coaxiality between the production and processing surfaces.

2, the cutting process is relatively stable; In addition to the discontinuous surface layer, under normal circumstances CNC lathe processing process is continuous, unlike milling and planing, in a cutting process, cutter teeth have many times to cut and cut out, impact.

3, CNC lathe processing is suitable for non-ferrous metal parts finishing; Some non-ferrous metal parts, because of the low hardness of the material itself, good plasticity, with its production and processing method is difficult to get a smooth surface layer.

4, numerical control tool is simple; Turning tool is one of the most simple CNC tools, production and manufacturing, grinding and installation are very convenient, which is convenient according to the specific production and processing requirements, choose a reasonable Angle.

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