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Precision parts processing in the worm quality is how to test?


Hanlinrui Machinery is a precision manufacturer specializing in the production of custom machined parts. We provide precision machining, metal surface treatment and heat treatment services. We manufacture a wide range of products from the railway, automotive, and aerospace industries to medical and scientific instruments. The following excellent to take you to understand precision parts processing worm quality is how to check? In the machining of high precision parts, the vortex rod is generally measured by tooth thickness vernier calipers to the indexing circular chord tooth thickness, and can also be measured by three needles in the middle diameter.

The accurate measurement method of vortex rod indexing circle chord tooth thickness is as follows: vertical ruler is used to determine the height of indexing circle reverse chord tooth HNal, and level is used to measure the thickness of indexing circle reverse chord tooth SNL. Hani and SNL's calculations are shown in the table for accurate measurement of vortex rod middiameters.

A method for accurately measuring the middle diameter of a vortex rod. For accurate measurement, three measuring rods of equal diameter were put into the matching groove of the vortex rod, and the vernier calipers of the common line method were used to accurately measure the spacing of measuring rods, and then the middiameter specification of the vortex rod was detected. The diameter of the measuring rod D0 and the precise measuring distance M are generally defined by the technical data information of the vortex rod pattern. The sensitivity of this kind of measurement is 3~4 times higher than the precision measurement of tooth thickness vernier calipers.

The precision of vortex rod cutting with disc turning tool on CNC lathe is relatively low. The key factor is that there is an error between the tooth type of the turning tool and the tooth type of the vortex rod, and there is interference phenomenon in the machining process of high precision parts, which will also cause the deviation of the tooth type, which will cause the quality problems and reasons of the cutting products

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