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How to improve the finish of CNC machining of auto parts


Nowadays, large CNC machining has become an indispensable machining method in auto parts processing. When processing large auto parts, you may encounter various problems, such as the pattern and finish of the workpiece.

So what is the reason for the low finish of CNC machining of auto parts? 

CNC machining finish method of auto parts:

1, in CNC machining projects, to avoid the high-speed jitter of the spindle in the process of processing will greatly affect the finish of the workpiece.

2, CNC processing of the chip slot should be opened well, as far as possible to avoid poor chip removal, causing scratches to the workpiece, affecting the finish of the workpiece and finished product quality.

3. If the CNC machining center is placed unevenly, it will cause vibration and affect the finish of the workpiece. Therefore, we must ensure the stability of CNC machining center, in order to better improve the finish of CNC machining of auto parts.

4. The spindle speed of the lathe must be matched with the feed speed 

CNC machining is widely used in the current machining market, and the future development trend is also very good. It can be said that most of the precision parts are related to CNC processing. Especially in the auto parts industry, most products are processed by CNC machine tools. For example, the drive shaft, gear, gearbox, wheels, brake drum and other small parts are CNC machining first.

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