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What types of equipment are commonly used for shaft parts of turning lathe


The shaft part is a common part in the machine. Usually, the structure of shaft parts is a rotating body, the length is generally greater than the diameter, in a variety of mechanical equipment has a wide range of uses, used to support transmission parts, transfer torque and withstand loading. The processing of shaft parts should follow certain rules. We can understand what are the commonly used equipment for processing shaft parts through this article.

Most mechanical equipment will have transmission parts, and the transmission parts are mainly composed of gear and shaft parts, the shaft parts are longer than the diameter of the rotating cylindrical parts, usually by the concentric shaft of the outer cylinder, cone, hole and thread and the corresponding end of the composition.

Shaft parts according to the different workplace, is designed into a variety of different structural shapes, shaft parts according to its different structural forms can be divided into drive shaft, ladder shaft, hollow shaft and crankshaft and other types.

Shaft parts in a variety of mechanical equipment to transfer torque and bear the role of loading, so its size and accuracy requirements are very high. Usually shaft parts from blank to finished products need to go through a variety of processes, but also need to use a variety of processing equipment.

There are a lot of equipment for processing shaft parts, common CNC lathes, machining centers andcylindrical grinding machines. When selecting suitable processing equipment for shaft parts, it is necessary to consider the design drawings of shaft parts and the qualification of finished parts.

CNC milling lathe is not only necessary to consider the preparation of CNC machine tool program, but also to consider the arrangement of processing technology of shaft parts, processing machine tools, processing tools, parts in the processing of positioning clamping factors. In addition, the operator must be part design drawings and processing technical requirements for detailed CNC machining process analysis, determine the key technology, processing difficulties, in order to choose the right model.


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