Forged Samll Hydraulic Pistion
  • Forged Samll Hydraulic PistionForged Samll Hydraulic Pistion

Forged Samll Hydraulic Pistion

Forged Samll Hydraulic Pistion is a high quality hydraulic pistion used in a wide range of hydraulic systems for faster and more accurate actuator unit action, using advanced forging technology and high-strength steel, after precision manufacturing processing. Therefore, the HLR Forged Small Hydraulic Pistion has excellent performance such as high temperature resistance and wear resistance, and can achieve a long service life. At the same time, the Forged Small Hydraulic Pistion can also withstand a large processing load, so as to ensure the lasting stability of the work. If you are looking for a high quality, high performance Hydraulic Pistion, Qingdao Hanlinrui MachineryCo.,Ltd will be the ideal choice for you. We fully consider every detail in the production process to ensure that every product is perfect. At the same time, Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery can also provide customized services according to your needs to meet your special needs.

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Product Description

Forged Samll Hydraulic Pistion is a high quality hydraulic pistion suitable for a variety of hydraulic systems. HLR Forged Small Hydraulic Pistion adopts advanced forging process and high-quality steel manufacturing, with high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, long life and other advantages, widely used in various industrial fields, such as aerospace, automotive, machinery and so on.

As a well-known manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic pistion, Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery has been committed to the production of high quality, low price hydraulic pistion and parts for a long time. Qingdao Hanlinrui Co.,Ltd always adhere to the quality of life, the excellent design, advanced technology, exquisite skills and strict quality management organic combination, to ensure the excellent performance and quality of products.

In the production process, each componment has undergone strict quality testing and acceptance to avoid product defects and bad products into the market. At the same time, Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery also provides a variety of product types and specifications to meet different customer needs. Whether it is mass customization or personalized needs, we can provide customers with high quality, low price products and services.

Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery Co., Ltd will adhere to the principle of quality first, and constantly improve the quality and performance of products. To provide our customers with better service

Product Feature

- Advanced production process: adopting forging production process, after multiple processes of precision processing, with high density and uniformity, but also has high hardness and high strength excellent performance;

- Strong wear resistance, high temperature resistance: made of high-quality steel, so it has strong wear resistance and high temperature performance, and can work frequently under different hydraulic oil quality to ensure the stability and reliability of the product.;

- High bearing capacity, long life: has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and long life, even under high strength conditions, it can still maintain its original performance and stability.

Customized Service

Customized CNC Machining Parts Support


According to your drawing (size, material, thickness, processing, and required technology, etc)


+/-0.005 - 0.01mm(Customized avaiable)

Surface Roughness

Ra0.2 - Ra3.2(Customized avaiable)

Materials Avaiable

Such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron, PE, PVC, ABS, etc.

Surface Treatment

Such as polishing, general oxidation, hard oxidation, color oxidation, surface chamfering, tempering, quenching, etc.


CNC Turning, anodized Milling, turning-milling compound, drilling, auto lathe, tapping, bushing, surface treatment, etc.


1.) Pls provide design drawings and contact us, if there are no drawings can send samples/sample photos to get a free quotation.

2.) To help us offer the best service for you. Pls be sure your drawings are clear and accurate (including processing quantity,materials, precision tolerances, surface treatment, and special requirements)

Our Benefits

1.) Over 8 years of experience in CNC machining area and have a senior design and production team to offer perfect modification suggestions.

2.) Quickly quote & Quickly Deliver.

3.) We borne 100% responsiblity for quality problems.

Packaging & Transportation

- Safe protect packing in the shipment

- Standard Export carton, boxes, pallets or wooden case

- Custom requirement is welcome

- Delivery time is fast and in time


◆ What is Forging?

Forging is known as one of the oldest metalworking processes together with casting (differences between forging and casting) and machining . It is the process that steel billet is formed into the desired shape under the workforce of tooling by different forging operations, such as hammering, pressing, rolling, squeezing, etc. To finish a forged part, the operations will be completed in different equipments.

◆ What’s the material can be used for Forging?

Steel Forging

-  used in a variety of industries, everything from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals utilize the benefits of steel forgings. Anything that can be made of metal can generally be made stronger and more weight-conscious by forged steel.

-  classified into different types of materia: alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel

Aluminum Forging: High Strength-to-weight ratio,Corrosion resistance, Wear resistance and durability

- used in a wide range of industries, including the aircraft, aerospace, automotive,architectural, appliance, military and defense, marine, petrochemical and process equipment industries.

◆ How to guarantee the quality of Forging?

Inspection is a crucial step in the forging process. By testing, you can assess the chemical and physical properties of a forged metal part. Forging inspection methods range from simply hitting the metal to test the resonant sound to advanced techniques like radiographic testing and ultrasonic inspection.

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