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Hollow Pipe Adapter

HLR Hollow Pipe Adapter is manufactured by Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery Co.,Ltd, and it’s used for ewage treatment device. The sewage treatment is a very important thing to us, because a poor sewage treatment can really affect our living and even survival. And HLR Hollow Pipe Adapter is made of high quality stainless steel material, the hollow pipe adapter as the main channel of sewage discharge, because of long-term contact with liquids with high acidity or alkalinity, the HLR Hollow Pipe Adapter has high corrosion resistance requirements.

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Product Description

The HLR Hollow Pipe Adapter can be used to connect pipes of different diameters and is suitable for many industrial applications and fields. Compared to traditional pipe joints, this hollow pipe adapter can provide better axial elasticity and plug stability, and has a better sealing effect. At the same time, it also has a low gas leakage rate and high pressure resistance. This special design ensures that the piping system is safe and reliable and meets strict quality standards.

Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in high precision machining, with advanced production technology and technology. HLR can customize the Hollow Pipe Adapter according to the specific requirements of customers, and provide the whole process service from raw material procurement to production and processing, quality control to product delivery.

At the same time, Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery Company also provides other precision machining business, to provide customers with comprehensive, high quality services. Whether in domestic or overseas markets, Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery Company has been praised and trusted by customers, is your trusted partner.

Product Feature

- High strength: made of high-quality metal materials, with super strength and stability.

- Hollow design: The adapter has a hollow design to provide better axial elasticity and plug stability and has a better sealing effect to ensure a safe and reliable piping system.

- Corrosion resistance: with excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance and dust resistance, it can be used in harsh environments.

-  Custom processing: We provide various specifications and models of Sheet Metal Stamping Bracket and can be customized according to customer needs to meet the unique needs of customers.

Customized Service

Customized CNC Machining Parts Support


According to your drawing (size, material, thickness, processing content, and required technology, etc)


+/-0.005 - 0.01mm(Custonize available)

Materials Available

Such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron, PE, PVC, ABS, etc.

Surface Treatment

Such as polishing, general oxidation, hard oxidation, color oxidation, surface chamfering, tempering, quenching, etc.


CNC Turning, anodized Milling, turning-milling compound, drilling, auto lathe, tapping, bushing, surface treatment, etc.


1.) Pls provide design drawings and contact us, if there are no drawings can send samples/sample photos to get a free quotation.

2.) To help us offer the best service for you. Pls be sure your drawings are clear and accurate (including processing quantity, materials, precision tolerances, surface treatment, and special requirements)

Our Benefits

1.) Over 8 years of experience in CNC machining area and have a senior design and production team to offer perfect modification suggestions.

2.) Quickly quote & Quickly Deliver.

3.) We borne 100% responsibility for quality problems.

Quality Control:

1) Checking the raw material after they reach our factory---- Incoming quality control ( IQC )

2) Checking the details before the production line operated

3) Have a full inspection and routing inspection during mass production---In-process quality control ( IPQC )

4) Checking the goods after they are finished---- Final quality control ( FQC )

5) Checking the goods after they are finished----Outgoing quality control ( OQC )


Q1: Can you make machining parts based on samples?

A: Yes, we can make measurement based on your sample to make drawings for your machining parts make.

Q2: What can you buy from us?

A: CNC Machining Part, Hot Forging Part, Precision Casting Part, Forging & Stamping Part.

Q3: What are your prices?

A: Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. Since we are a one-stop service, set raw material procurement and finished product production as one, we can control costs and ensure that the provided price is the lowest in the market. 

Q4: How to handle when the received goods with quality problem?

A: If there are any quality defects from production, please contact with us immediately, we will check and replace ASAP.   

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