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Incredible precision parts processing in CNC nanoscale processing technology


When it comes to cutting, Japan has always been the industry leader and has even been able to achieve nanoscale processing. Next, let's take a look at the ultra-high precision mother machine in the field of global ultra-precision machining, that is the IN153D free-form diamond processing machine from Japan's Judeikot. This equipment is mainly used for ultra-precision turning and grinding of optical lens and blue lens mold. This machine has a performance of 30 nm, no formation accuracy and one nanometer surface roughness. In terms of machining accuracy alone, this machine is nearly eight times better than LLL and OTN DTM3.


The new ultra-precision nano processing machine released by Nike in Japan, called Faneca Nobana 200N ultra-precision processing machine, uses the new CNC technology of Nike and the system of Silco, can push the processing limit. CNC nanoscale processing technology is mainly used for complex shape parts such as cars, watches, optoelectronic components and other high-tech parts, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Actually finishing technology is also in rapid development in our country, such as Beijing golden eagle nano machining technology, even the high-speed polishing processing can be used for a long stable and polishing machining of PCB cutter, its mirror effect is directly processed products CNC machining, to stable reach nanoscale without the need for manual polishing processing effect. The use of this process in the turn-milling compound processing plant can effectively reduce manual polishing and rely on personnel experience. The high record is continuous and stable processing for more than 80 hours. Under the condition of processing and replacement for more than 80 hours, the product surface gloss is uniform and there is no clutter, which is also very stable.

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