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The future trend of precision forging technology development


The future of forging technology development is the digitalization of forging technology.

Digitization is mainly reflected in the forging process and product quality, cost, benefit of the prediction and control degree.

Computer aided design system (CAD) and auxiliary manufacturing system (CAM) combined, then constitute an automatic control integrated system, that is, the automatic information flow controlled by the computer for forging process design, forging die machining, assembly inspection and management of continuous processing. And developed to the forgings die design and manufacturing and forging process simulation (CAE) integration of automatic control system.

Simulation technology of forging process (CAE) is also called virtual manufacturing technology of forging process or computer aided engineering analysis of forging process.

Forging process simulation technology (CAE) has enriched the research of the mechanism of plastic forming, plastic forming to the intelligent direction, provides a scientific basis for the forging die design and manufacturing process, improved the forging engineers work environment, to save the manufacture cost and design time, shorten the product development cycle, improve and enhance the level of the traditional forging process and die design.

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