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Hanlinrui® Machinery is a professional Pipe Fittings manufactures and suppliers from China Pipe Fittings Factory.There may be a lot of Pipe Fittings manufacturers out there, but not all Pipe Fittings manufacturers are alike. Hanlinrui professional expertise in manufacturing Pipe Fittings has been honed over the past 10+ years.

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Product Description

Our factory, Hanlinrui® specializes in manufacturing of Pipe Fittings, as one of the professional China Pipe Fittings manufacturers and China Pipe Fittings suppliers, we are strong strength and complete management. Also, we have own exporting license. We mainly deal in making a series of Pipe Fittings and so on.

Hanlinrui's pipe fittings are available in a variety of sizes, materials and configurations. Our range includes pipe connectors and pipe and port adapters that are also available in a wide array of thread types. They are designed to provide leak-free connections and are suitable for use across a variety of applications that support many of today's major industrial markets.

Types of pipe fittings and their purposes:

♦Elbows: Used to change the angle or direction of the pipe run. Most commonly in 90 degrees and 45 degree turns. The sweep of the fitting describes how fast a transition or change in direction is made.
♦Street Elbows: One end of the pipe fitting has male threads and the other end has female threads. These are common in galvanized steel and copper pipe. They are convenient because they do away with the need for a nipple and work well in tight quarters.
♦Tee Fittings: Shaped like the letter T. Allows for branch lines.
♦Couplings: Used to join two straight pieces of pipe of the same diameter.
♦Reducers: Used to join pipes of different diameters. Makes a gradual change in diameter.
♦Bushings: Used to make the diameter of a pipe fitting smaller. They are different from reducers because they make an abrupt change in diameter and take little space.
♦Unions: Used to join pieces of pipe where pipes cannot be turned or when a piece of equipment may have to be removed for maintenance or replacement.
♦Adaptor Fittings: Used to change the end of a non-threaded pipe to male or female threads as needed. Most commonly used in copper and plastic plumbing jobs.
♦Caps: Used to close the end of a dead-end pipe.
♦Plugs: Used to close an ending on a pipe fitting normally used for inspection or cleanout.
♦Nipples: Short lengths of pipe threaded at both ends.
♦Wyes: Used primarily to gain inside access to DWV (drain-waste-vent) systems.
♦Valves: Devices that control the flow of liquid or gas through or from a pipe. (Compression valves, ball valves, sleeve-cartridge valves, ceramic disc valves, etc)
♦PVC Fittings: Come in a wide variety of configurations and may be glued (S) or threaded (T)
♦Copper Tubing Fittings: Use compression fittings. Common fittings are couplings, ells, and tees.

More information about Hanlinrui Pipe Fittings:

What do you look for when inspecting finished workpieces?

Hanlinrui pay attention to quality, which is also the basis of the company's continuous expansion, in addition to the basic quality requirements, optimize the programming program, within the tolerance allowed scope, and strive to mass production of finished products size, gloss, thread, chamfering consistent  and safely package etc.

Advantage than others on cnc machining service?

If you have drawings, just let us do. Professional technical team Hanlinrui will be for the problem to alternative solutions for you.

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