Sanitary Pipe Couplings
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Sanitary Pipe Couplings

Sanitary Pipe Couplings are important parts of connecting sanitary pipes. Our Sanitary Pipe Couplings are produced and manufactured by Qingdao Hanlingrui Machinery Co.,Ltd , which are strictly controlled from the selection of materials, manufacturing techniques, strict quality inspection and so on. HLR Sanitary Pipe Couplings not only have competitve price, but also their quality has been recognized and trusted by customers from all over the world. They can not only meet the needs of various sizes, but also withstand the pressure of liquid, gas and so on. If y ou are still looking for the suitable pipe couplings, they are the best choice for you. Please contact us for more information about our products and services!

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Product Description

Sanitary Pipe Couplings are one of the most important parts in connecting sanitary pipes and treatment systems. HLR Sanitary Pipe Couplings are manufactured in high quality stainless steel materials and precision machining processes to ensure excellent product quality, which have excellent corrosion resistance and durability and are able to withstand various pressures, thus ensuring the stable operation of sanitary pipe systems. HLR Sanitary Pipe Couplings can be matched to various pipe diameters and different needs, a variety of sizes are suitable for different occasions.

As a professional machining manufacturer, Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery Co.,Ltd, with many years of machining experience and strength, is committed to providing the best products and services for customers around the world. We have the most advanced machining technology and equipment, using advanced process flow and strict quality control to ensure high precision and excellent performance of all products.

HLR Sanitary Pipe Couplings have excellent quality, performance and price, and each product has undergone strict quality inspection and testing to ensure our customers have the best product experience. If you are looking for the best quality and most reliable Sanitary Pipe Couplings, to bulit long-term businesss relationship, welcom to contact with  Qingdao Hanlingrui Machinery Co., Ltd, we will help you meet all your sanitary pipe system needs with excellent quality and professional service.

Product Feature

- High quality stainless steel: Made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance and durability;

- High precision : precision machining technology to ensure that the hub centeric spacer adapter size is accurate, with a high degree of accuracy and stability;

- Easy installation and maintenance: easy to install and remove, making it easy to maintain and replace ;

- Wide range of applicability: can meet different needs of different pipe sizes and specifications and are widely used in various sanitary pipes and treatment systems.

Production Specification

Sanitary Pipe Couplings


Clamp Fitting, Hose Fitting, High Pressure Fitting,




Forging and Casting




Used for Rubber Hose, Silicon Hose, Teflon Hose, UPE Tube, PU Tube Connection


Applied in Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Beer, Biology, Medical, Cosmetics, Food Processing and Other Industries


1.) Pls provide design drawings and contact us, if there are no drawings can send samples/sample photos to get a free quotation.

2.) To help us offer the best service for you. Pls be sure your drawings are clear and accurate (including processing quantity,materials, precision tolerances, surface treatment, and special requirements)

Our Benefits

1.) Over 8 years of experience in CNC machining area and have a senior design and production team to offer perfect modification suggestions.

2.) Quickly quote & Quickly Deliver.

3.) We borne 100% responsiblity for quality problems.

Packaging & Transportation

- Safe protect packing in the shipment

- Standard Export carton, boxes, pallets or wooden case.

- Custom requirement is welcome

- Delivery time is fast and in time


Q: What are sanitary pipe fittings?

A: Sanitary fittings are specialized plumbing components used in hygienic applications, such as those in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. They are designed to maintain cleanliness, prevent contamination and promote health and safety.

Q: How is sanitary pipe measured?

A: Almost all domestic sanitary tubing and fittings are measured in tube size. How do you measure tube size? Simple, measure the outside diameter of the tube and you have the size. One inch tubing measures one inch on the outside diameter, two inch measures two inch, etc

Q: What is the finish of sanitary fittings?

A: Sanitary fittings are processed with different types of decorative coatings, which have excellent corrosion resistance. Most popular coatings for these parts are Copper & Nickel ,with a variety of top-layers e.g, Chrome, Gold / Silver & followed by electrophoretic lacquer etc.

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