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Advantages of heat treatment in machining


When machining parts, the corresponding heat treatment process is carried out first, which can greatly strengthen the accuracy and service life of the machining parts, so as to help improve the hardness, wear resistance and strength of the machining parts. Machining is a kind of processing technology that uses machine tools and equipment to process parts. So how to heat treat the machining parts? The machining will carry out the corresponding heat treatment process before and after the machining of the parts.

1. Remove the internal stress of the blank. Mainly used for casting, forgings, welding parts.

2. Improve processing conditions. And so on. Make the material easy to work. Such as annealing, normalizing. Conditioning and tempering treatment.

3. Improve the general mechanical properties of metal materials.

4. It can improve the hardness of materials. Such as carburizing, quenching and so on.

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