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Why does modern industry need more and more aluminum profiles


Modern industrial aluminum profile has become the logo of the modern factory, step into the production workshop of the modern factory, you can feel its existence, including the workbench, marking machine, material rack, trolley, assembly line, workshop partition and so on. Why do modern factories like industrial aluminum profiles so much? This is inseparable from its own advantages. Next,Qingdao HANLINRUIwill give you a brief talk.

Aluminum alloy charging pile housing

When it comes to the advantages of industrial aluminum profiles, there are many, including their own advantages and the advantages of the application process, mainly can be analyzed from the following aspects:

1. Optimize the design conception process

Due to the use of aluminum profile, various structural types can be installed according to different needs by applying the principle of building blocks, which optimizes the design concept, shortens the completion and production cycle compared with the plate structure, and avoids a series of shortcomings such as complicated structure, numerous parts and large workload of design concept.

2. Optimize the production process

Because the processing process of the profile structure only needs to be blanking, punching and little bending, simple processing, convenient assembly, avoiding the iridium structure of multi-process processing, so that the production process is greatly optimized. At the same time, the manual operation of sheet metal labor intensity is reduced, which not only improves the production efficiency but also facilitates the use of automatic production means.

3. Reduce the device weight

According to statistics, electronic instrument chassis using aluminum industrial profile structure, than the original application of black metal sheet metal structure weight is about 60% lighter.

4. Easy storage and transportation

Due to the light weight of aluminum profile, belongs to modular assembly, after processing, can be shipped without assembly of finished products, easy to transport. Because the surface is anodized, it is corrosion resistant and easy to store.

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