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CNC Machining Parts and Products in Daily Life


CNC machining parts refers to parts and products automatically manufactured according to computer programs, because it can be processed into complex shapes and high-precision parts, CNC machining can be applied to a variety of industries. Now, Let's get to know the CNC machining parts aroud us!

* Automobile: shock absorber tube ring (shock absorber oil seal), steering gear rack bearing bracket (front wheel bearing bracket), engine cylinder block water pipe cover (water pipe cap) and other auto parts;

* Shipbuilding: propeller shaft bearing housing assembly, propeller shaft bearing housing assembly;

* Aerospace: fuel tanks; exhaust components; aircraft panels; high-temperature engine components;  

* Medical supplies/medical equipment including: operating room equipment (e.g. oxygen masks); X-ray machine; Sterilizer; Incubators; Wheelchair; Walking sticks; Artificial limbs (prosthetics); Artificial eyes and ears; Cardiac pacemaker;

* Food industry: conveyor belts and other equipment; Packaging equipment; Labeling machine; Water knife for cutting plastic film or paper labels.

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