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How to process the high-precision parts in Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery?


A precision part is a workpiece or part that needs to have a fine scale of accuracy down to microns or even smaller. In general, high-precision parts need to follow high standards and strict processes when manufacturing, both from the material and processing technology require very careful skills. Normally the applications for these parts are high-precision navigation systems, medical tools, aerospace devices, etc. With the rapid development of the processing industry, fierce competition, the precision of parts also represents one of the foundations for the development of competitiveness of enterprises, the following is the processing process  of high-precision parts in Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery :

1) First of all, receive the customer's drawing processing requirements, and formulate the processing plan, including the processing process and the equipment used. Machining quality requirements are high, the processing stage can be divided into rough processing, semi-finishing and finishing three stages.

2) Secondly, according to the determined processing technology, select the appropriate material for processing. General precision machining selection of materials need to consider the hardness and surface treatment of two factors. There are many kinds of materials that can be used for precision machining, and all materials have unique properties, so it is necessary to select the appropriate materials according to the project before processing.

3) Then, the write and design of process flow. The procedure steps of parts processing, the selection of the benchmark, the selection of processing tools, the selection and installation of fixtures, and the processing strategy and process parameters are determined, affecting the quality of the product.

4) Finally, 100% quality control during the whole process of high-precision part processing. Parts that have been precisely machined need to go through various tests to ensure that they meet the requirements. If it is not in line with the drawing, it will be processed twice to meet the size, accuracy, tolerance, technical parameters and other requirements of the drawing. Qingdao Hanlinrui Machinery Co., Ltd. is equipped with a complete range of precision machining equipment, CNC machine tools, testing equipment, has many years of experience in precision machining, strict control of product quality, can provide worry and labor saving one-stop service.

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